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Buying things for the baby, what and where to buy?

While the age-old belief that buying stuff for the baby  should be after a succeful delivery of a healthy bouncing baby(s), it may be quite a task in case you are traveling for child  birth owing to various factors like limited help, lack of market knowledge and the likes.

It is a great idea to keep a shopping list prepared well in advance and if you still carry inhibitions about buying in advance, you could refer to the list and buy on the d-day right from your hospital bed. Thanks to online shopping!

baby needs

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The US has various stores and websites that will fulfill your baby shopping needs. Walmart, Babies’Rus, Amazon are some of the best places where you could head to for your needs.

Our recommended List of Baby Items for New Born

You will need the following stuff:

• Nappies – stock up as much as you can and restock to avoid running out of stock at the last minute which can make you crazy. Check out The Best Nappies and Diapers For New Born Baby article HERE.


• Baby wipes – stock up sufficiently and has some to carry back home since the ones available in the USA are the best wipes.

Check out The Best  BABY WIPES For New Born Baby article HERE.


• Changing mat – You will need a couple of these while you can use one when the other is out with the soiled laundry. Consider buying more if you think of spillage episodes while changing.

Check out The Best CHANGING MATS For New Born Baby article HERE.


• Woolen essentials like socks, thermals, sweaters, and hats – These are usually brought if you give birth in the cold seasons. That is from September, October, November, December, January, February, March. Although in some States in the U.S, April and May could be surprisingly cold too. Otherwise, you may consider buying these later. Usually, pregnancy is depicted with a picture of the expectant mother weaving woolen clothes for her baby. You can also do it well in advance and save some money if that is your passion.

Check out The Best Woolen essentials for New Born Baby article HERE.


• Cotton Mittens – A must avoid infections since newborns are prone to put their hands and fingers in their mouth. This is best avoided with mittens and cotton is the best.
• Bibs and washcloths – Buy bibs and washcloths to use during feeding. It will be helpful even when your baby grows up and starts taking solids. You can avoid a lot of mess and reduce cleaning times with this.



• Napkins – Other than disposable nappies you can buy napkins that are reusable also. These are safer than the disposable ones though you need to wash them.

Check out   NAPPIES OR NAPKINS For New Born Baby article HERE.


• Receiving blankets – Shop for some fancy receiving blankets which may add style to your baby with so many guests visiting the newborn. There is a variety of receiving blankets with hood, without hood, with cushion and zipper and much more options to choose.

Check out The Best RECEIVING BLANKETS For New Born Baby article HERE.


• Baby bath products – Starting from soaps to shampoos and sponges you may buy a set of bathing products which are skin friendly for the newborn. Do some research before buying, consider other mom’s opinions by reading product reviews and take your doctor’s advice to decide what is best for the little one since a newborn baby’s skin is the most sensitive.

Check out The Best Baby bath products  For New Born Baby article HERE.

• Baby Sheets – Sheets to place inside the cradle or on the couch for extra comfort to your baby are needed. Buy the waterproof ones to avoid spillage dripping down underneath there on your couch or on the baby’s cushions. The baby sheets will also avoid staining.

Check out The Best Baby BABY SHEETS products  For New Born Baby article HERE.


• Feeding bottles if you plan to bottle feed – Breastfeeding is the top priority. If you have issues with low flow or unable to feed your baby due to various reasons you can consider buying some feeding bottles.

Check out The Best FEEDING BOTTLES products  For New Born Baby article HERE.


• A baby bag – A baby bag to carry baby essentials while traveling since you are on a birth tour is essential.

Check out The Best Baby BAG products  For New Born Baby article HERE.


• Mosquito net – A small mosquito net fitting your baby’s cradle/crib to safeguard your baby from insects and flies is a must for every newborn.

Check out The Best Baby MOSQUITO NET products  For New Born Baby article HERE.


• Medicines – Shop for basic medicines such as paracetamol and other common drugs prescribed by the pediatrician to use it handy in case of emergencies. You should usually buy medicines in the form of drops for newborn.

Check out The Best Baby MEDICINES products  For New Born Baby article HERE.


• Baby vests and clothes – These are a variety and you can buy as many as you can but be sure to manage the weight while you are traveling back to your home country. You just can’t afford to leave those back if it’s above the allowed weight limit in the plane.

Check out The Best Baby VESTS AND CLOTHES products  For New Born Baby article HERE.
Check out The Best Baby CLOTHING UP TO 12 MONTH For New Born Baby article HERE.




• Quilt and wrap – To comfort a crying baby in your arms, a quilt and wrap are the most useful. Buy one or two of them which is enough while carrying your baby during a lullaby session or comforting time.

Check out The Best Baby QUILT AND WRAP products  For New Born Baby article HERE.


• Muslin sheets – A must for every mother till the skin is soft, you should never use anything else other than muslin sheets for your baby to wipe face, buttocks and other parts of the body. These are the softest materials which do not irritate the newborn. Hence buy lots of muslin sheets.

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