12 Steps to successfully give birth in US as a foreigner

By PurpleD, June 25, 2017

12 major Steps or Decisions to make  for you to have a successful childbirth experience as a foreigner:

  1. Choose the State and City you want to have your baby in the USA
  2. Choose the Hospital or Birthing Center
  3. Decide whether you want to have a virginal birth or plan C-Section?
  4. Choose your Obstetrician and gynecologist
  5. Ask the doctor which medical laboratory tests are acceptable from your country and the one to be done in the USA
  6. Whether to use the assistance of an agency or not. Email contact@purplediamondllc.com  for assistance on more information about this. Or Book a 30 minute chat to discuss further here.
  7. Which flight or carrier are you traveling with and what are their rules about a pregnant woman.
  8. Who will be traveling with you?
  9. Are you staying with someone or getting your accommodation?
  10. How long will your stay be? Do you need a visa extension?
  11. What is the Total Cost Estimate? How are you going to finance it?
  12. What is the alternative plan in case you are not allowed entry to the USA?

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The first five on the list is so important and should be your first step in your journey to having your baby in the US. The cost of child delivery varies from one state to the other. Usually, hospitals in big Cities are cheaper than other parts of the State. This might be because they have more delivery and shared fixed costs than hospitals in small cities.


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Birthing centers Vs Hospital

Birthing Centers are also cheaper in terms of the delivery fee than hospitals. Birthing Centers are usually run by qualified and experienced Midwives and Nurses. It’s a suitable alternative especially for the pregnant woman who have had birth experience from a previous pregnancy, and for single births and uncomplicated cases.

To select a doctor, go online and search Google for hospitals in the state of your choice. You can use Zip codes of the address you wish to stay. Select the big hospitals and give them a call, write an email or fill out the Contact page form. Ask questions about the following cost: delivery, Caesarea section, epidural, hospital stay, anesthesia discount for cash paying patient and any other clarifications.

Next step is to find an obstetrician who is affiliated with the hospital of your choice that will give you ante-natal care and deliver your baby in the US. Go to the Hospital’s website homepage, click on Find a Physician or Physician Portal, click on it and search for Obstetrician in that hospital. Read their profile and select one that you like. Call or email and ask them if they will take you as a patient.

Request for detailed information from the OBGYN as to his fees and what it covers, the laboratory tests and ultrasound that are acceptable from other countries and the ones he will have you do when you arrive and ask how to book your first appointment with the OBGYN when you arrive the US. Ask for an official acceptance letter on the hospitals’ letterhead, stating the fees and appointment details. Ensure all the correspondence are properly kept and printed out as you will be needing them for your Visa processing and even the point of entry later.


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