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Getting vital records after delivery

By PurpleD, September 10, 2018

How to get vital records after delivery


The whole process and plans does not come to a fruitful end until all vital document are received.The vital records needed after save delivery of a child in the USA, especially as a foreigner with the urgent need to round up and travel back to their base, includes:


Delivery record

Birth certificate

Social security number for the baby


Immunization records

Flight ticket

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Birth Certificate

As you register yourself for delivery in a US hospital
you will be given forms to be filled out by you. There
will be many forms given to you out of which one
copy will be from the hospital records and another
will be sent to the county or state for the purpose of
registration. It is advised to think of a name well
before your due date because though there is an
option to give the name a few days after birth it is a
hefty paperwork again. This can be stressful
considering your responsibilities as a newborn baby’s
parent. Better to undergo the process of registration
in a hassle free manner. The birth certificate is
usually ready for collection within 2 weeks at an
address which will be given to you by the hospital.


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