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By PurpleD, June 25, 2017

Formalities and documents required for US Visa are quite straightforward, and details of what you need to get your American visa for visitors are more commonly available to people. Not many know that apart from the interview conducted at the consulate, you also need to furnish several documents (and copies of some) to get your visa to travel. These are applicable for e-Passports and visa waiver program eligibility too. Check out relevant details for your country here

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USA Visitor Visa Requirements:

  1. An original, valid passport. Those which have more than 6 months before expiring at the time of your travel are preferred over the ones that are about to expire shortly. To avoid any complications, renew your passport well in advance. It wouldn’t harm to carry any old passports that you have as well, as you may be asked to produce them for scrutiny at the office.
  2. A digital and hard copy of your photograph as specified by the US consulate/embassy are mandatory. Check for the photo dimensions, the backdrop color, and how you should appear in the photo before you get one taken of you.
  3. A completed DS 160 Visa application confirmation page that has been stamped at the Visa Application Centre (VAC).
  4. A valid receipt for the fee that you paid to get your visa application processed.
  5. A hard copy of the appointment letter sent to you by the Visa office. This is known as the US Interview Letter, and you will be notified of a specific time and date of interview in it, along with the dos and don’ts you need to follow.

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Other Checks to note

  1. To ensure you are fit to be permitted inside the US borders and be successful in your US visa application, the immigration office will do a thorough check of all your documents, including your personal ones that are granted to you by the government of your country eg drivers licence, or by your company  (company ID card, salary slip) if you’re going on a business visit, your medical records if you’re going for medical treatments of procedures, and other such corresponding documents. So, make sure your ID proofs that you normally use in your own place of residence are clear, valid, and have not expired.
  2. Apart from ensuring you don’t have criminal records in the past or are not wanted by your own or any other government in the world, they would also ensure you are mentally, physically, and financially capable of handling yourself during the period of your stay in the USA. So documents such as your bank statements, your medical records, and those issued by your doctor or office, etc. will be matched against the reason for your visit. You must clearly state your purpose of visit, and carry documents to support your claims.
  3. Proof of having enough funds is a very important point, so make sure you have enough to cover your medical costs and stay in the USA, and a substantial amount saved over and beyond these sums.
  4. To make things easier in the visa interview, be sure to state that you have strong reason to get back to your home country once your period of stay in the USA is up by showing strong ties to your home (marriage, spouse, kids, good job). Those who don’t have a return ticket, or who are vague about their purpose and period of stay will not be granted entry because officials wouldn’t want people to gain entry and stay in the USA illegally for a very long time or permanently. Any documents you have which can support your statements of having strong ties can be shown as evidence.


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Other important documents

  1. Documents that prove why you are traveling to the USA, Hospital or caregiver’s confirmation email, what you will be doing while in USA, and confirmation on how you will be returning to your country would be helpful. The intent to depart the country once you are done with your stay must be made evident.
  2. Tax documents, ID proofs, business cards if you have any, medical records and the reason why your doctor advises you give birth in the USA – keep these documents handy at the interview at all times.
  3. If your travel, stay and medical benefits are being covered by a sponsor in the USA, then be sure to have the sponsorship letter ready. The person(s) sponsoring you will also be scrutinized, but separately in the country, while you are vetted in the consulate in your country.
  4. If you are staying in an hotel or other arrangement, make sure you have the confirmation page of your bookings and emails relevant to the arrangement showing address, phone number and name of the contact person.

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