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Why Pregnant women are turned back from entering USA

By PurpleD, June 28, 2017

Why Pregnant women are turned back from entering the USA

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The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency has stepped up its vigilance on women entering US borders while they are pregnant. Because of this several airline and shipping companies to have included rules in their handbooks about permitting pregnant women who use their services. One of the main reasons, as mentioned earlier, is to stop women who want to enter the USA solely for the benefits it offers newborn babies, from entering. In addition to the doctor’s letters and medical documents required, you must be prepared to clear the interview questions with confidence and correctly so that your journey isn’t canceled before it can even begin. There is no law that refuses pregnant women from traveling to the USA, but do remember that the final word on this matter is given by the CBP personnel. If they find any glitches or falsehood in your statements, then you will not be permitted to enter the country, and instead will be sent back on the next available flight.

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So, what are the factors to be considered by pregnant women for their travel permission and success of CBP interview? Here are some of them:

  1. Your expected delivery date and the duration of your visit will be checked in detail by the officers. If you make a quick dash of it, i.e., you only stay long enough to give birth to your baby before heading back to your country, then chances are you will be singled out as a mother trying to take advantage of the birth benefits from the USA So, try and make your stay in the USA for a reasonable time even after the delivery of your child, if you can’t find an alternate reason to give to travel to the country.

2.  You must carry  medical insurance before traveling to the USA. Medical costs in the USA are quite high, as compared to the costs you pay in other parts of the world. If you don’t have a medical insurance, and you cannot supply evidence of having sufficient funds of your own for all your living and medical expenses, then your entry will be denied because you will end up as a public charge (who is dependent on public benefits to survive and meet expenses). Also, the insurance amount should be sufficient to cover all your potential risks, so spend some time in selecting the right one from the various insurance companies that offer pregnancy insurance policies to women.

3. If it is found that you are trying to enter the country for deceptive purposes, or you have lied about your pregnancy or pregnancy dates, you will be held at the airport and sent back to the country you came from on the next available flight. It doesn’t end here. Such incidents will drastically affect your future plans of visiting the country, and this will be a black mark against your record in their official documents.

4.As you will be asked to wait in the waiting area of the airport or dock where you arrived, you won’t have a very comfortable stay before you’re sent back to your country, so ensure you clear your interview with the CBP to avoid such inconveniences.


5.A lady who has expectations of becoming pregnant, and has a high rate of fertility, can apply for a B-2 medical visitor visa, so you can spend the entire duration of your pregnancy in the USA.

6, In order to make use of this facility, or if you’ve stated that you need to be in the USA for medical reasons pertinent to your pregnancy, you must have documents from your obstetrician, local physician, or any other qualified medical professional which confirms why you must be in the country during your pregnancy and childbirth, any complications of medical ailments due to which you need specialized care, and any other diagnostic reports as supporting evidence.

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7. You must also have a letter from a doctor (obstetrician or otherwise, as per your requirements) or the medical center where you will be treated. This letter must contain their agreement in treating you, details of any appointments you’ve set or require, the duration of the medical treatment and a brief description of the reasons why you need specialized medical attention. The letter will also contain details of the cost estimates of your medicines, medical procedures, doctors’ fees, etc. which will be considered to decide on your financial stability. You can also use this as a guideline to arrange for your finances.

8.Furnish details of where you will be staying, who you will be staying with, any family members, guardians, or friends who will be with you, or who have invited you to the USA. If your finances are also being sponsored by someone else, then the person or organization responsible for this will also be asked to provide proof of their ability to meet your expenses, the reason for doing so, income tax returns, tax returns, and bank statements with cash available details.

To ensure there are no difficulties, you could also consult with an immigration attorney/lawyer, or agencies which specialize in these services.

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