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Reason why the USA is Vigilant at its Borders

By PurpleD, June 21, 2017

Reason why the USA is Vigilant at its Borders

Every country has its set of rules and regulations for people who wish to visit, stay, or reside for a long time, or on a permanent basis. Those not familiar with the geopolitical and economic state of affairs of the countries in the world may not grasp the importance of these checks, but they are vital towards securing the country from a number of threats and to ensure the well-being of its own citizens before letting in others. Details of document needed to process traveling to USA is here

The reasons why the USA has a number of checks in place are shared by almost every other country in the world. They are:

1.      The most important reason is to keep the country secure. A large number of militants, insurgents, and terrorists pose as innocent people and gain entry into countries. They then proceed to destroy them by opening various kinds of terrorist attacks. Some of them stay hidden in countries and continue causing damage to them in stealthy but lethal ways. Keeping a check on the items being smuggled in and out of the country is also one way of ensuring the safety of its citizens by the government.


2.     In order to ensure the economy of a country is enough for its own citizens, the government of a country ensures that there aren’t too many people populating their land. What may happen is due to a large number of outsiders, the natives of a country may be left high and dry.

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3.     There must be a government agency to verify, validate, and note important details on the visas and permits people carry to study, stay, travel, or work in a country. Without this agency, it is quite possible for people to overstay their visit, or make profits when they are not supposed to, for example. Read more about this here.


4.    While the USA is a top destination for birth tourism, it still doesn’t allow women to enter its borders solely for this purpose. So if you intend to undertake this journey, you must be prepared with an alternative reason for visiting USA and convincing the people at the customs and border protection people that you are not visiting solely for this purpose. There are no barriers on pregnant women from entering the country, but the authorities will ensure they don’t exploit their condition just so their child can get US citizenship.


5.     Finally, it is the job of the people allowing visitors to enter their country to make sure they are able to support themselves and mingle with their own country’s people. This is an important angle from a pregnant lady’s perspective too. You must be able to convince them that you have adequate medical facilities that you can avail of here, the necessary funds, insurance, etc.


While birth tourism is on the rise especially in the USA, there is some amount of caution with which you need to tread waters before you get to safely deliver your baby and fly back home safe and sound. Let’s look at some of the items you need to cross off your list for a smooth pregnancy and delivery period. Click here


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