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Why the USA?

By PurpleD, June 22, 2017

Why the USA?

Birth tourism guide 

A tourist guide to giving birth in US

There are many women who travel to countries that are better off than the ones they live in to be able to provide a better life to their children.

The life of a pregnant lady is not easy. From the initial days of nausea and inability to keep anything down in the digestive system to the gradual aversion to the foods you once loved, bloating, and backaches – pregnant women see it all. And that’s just a part of the troubles they go through! The most painful times are when the soon-to-be-mother enters labor and has to bear hard to be able to push the baby out of her womb. And then, of course, there’s the post-birth pain and healing to be considered. But hey – becoming a mother is worth all the pain because you usher in a new life in this world. You play an important role in making a miracle happen, all with your sweat, pain, and blood. A lot of pains before you get the joys of motherhood, eh? There’s a way you can sweeten the deal, though.

Birth tourism is very popular in the USA because it is one of the strongest countries in the world, and it grants US citizenship to babies who are born on their land. There are of course many terms and conditions that apply to this citizenship rule that becomes applicable to babies who’re born in their country to people who are immigrants, who’re tourists, who were in USA just for business purposes, or those who traveled to USA specifically to be able to give birth there and gain their child American, or possibly dual citizenship.

A child born the U.S have many benefits and opportunities accruing to him or her. These benefits includes:

  • US citizenship
  • Access to government benefits available to only citizens
  • Right to run for public office
  • Right to vote and be voted for
  • Right to employment, especially in some jobs, meant only for U.S citizens
  • Benefits from scholarships and grants
  • Payment of low fee for colleges and universities
  • Right to sponsor his parents from age 21
  • Right to sponsor spouse and children under 21
  • Travel to many countries without visa, or enjoy visa waiver.



Visa free or Visa-on-arrival Countries for US Citizen

As of 1 January 2017, holders of a United States passport could travel to 174 countries and territories visa-free or with visa on arrival, these include countries in Europe and South America.

The EBook titled “Birth Tourism in US: A tourist guide to giving birth in USA” really explore the various rules and helpful tips in relation to birth tourism in the USA. There are several pros and cons associated with this, which will be discussed later in this book. And of course, good medical attention and going through a healthy and safe childbirth are also important factors that makes the USA the number one choice for Birth Tourism.

So, if you are looking to travel to the United States and give birth to your baby, this a comprehensive guide that you can use and make things easier for you there.

But why is it important for one to go through a reference material to be able to travel to the USA and deliver a baby? There a few reasons for this, in fact, it is better that you read the dos and don’ts, and plan all the details down to the last baby sipper you’ll need, to ensure your pre and post-pregnancy periods are smooth for you, and for the people who will accompany you on this journey

Take your time, and go through this book in detail, which would also be helpful were you to travel to the USA for non-birthing reasons. Some of the entry rules applicable for pregnant women are also applicable to regular tourists, after all. Do note that travel and entry details are quite similar for all countries. A few, however, have special impositions and rules to be dealt with, placed by the United States Government. While the book aims to be as comprehensive as possible on this topic, it would be worthwhile for you to find if there are any such rules applicable for the country you will be traveling from. The American Embassy and immigration offices would be the best places for you to enquire on these topics. Tons of information are available on their website online too at www.usatraveldoc.com


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