15 Basic Traveling formalities to USA

By PurpleD, June 25, 2017

    1. Another important thing to note is if the visa has not expired, it is possible for you to travel with an expired passport. Ensure that your visa is undamaged, not expired, endorsed, not canceled, and is less than 10 years old to be allowed with an expired passport, provided you have another non-expired passport, and both the expired and non-expired are the same nationality.

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  1. Visas can be used until the day of its expiry, but the duration of your visit is decided by the US immigration officials when you enter US borders.
  2. You can apply for your visa at the US embassy or consulate in your country and an interview is held at the office before it is granted. If you want to use the Schengen visa scheme to travel to the USA, then that is not an option as the country doesn’t participate in it.
  3. If you are looking to stay in the USA for the period of your pregnancy and post-delivery, then it would be a good idea for you to apply for temporary residency, but again before your travel. Usually, the entire process gets done in about 17-20 working days, and the visa takes an additional week or so. So, getting started on your travel plans as much in advance as you can is advisable.
  4. Before you are granted the right to enter US borders, you must also prove that you will be able to manage in the country by yourself and not be a ward to the country and that you have sufficient funds for you to survive. You don’t only need to have cash, though; as long you have credit cards, traveler’s cheques/check, and other countries’ currency that can be exchanged in the USA, then that’s sufficient.
  5. In case your stay in the country gets extended, be sure to apply for the extension using the necessary forms at the embassy or consulate before your visa expires. Those who have traveled under the visa expiry program, however, cannot opt for this.
  6. If you have ever been arrested (even if the arrest did not result in a criminal conviction), have a prior criminal record, or have communicable diseases, you are not eligible for the visa waiver program, and will have to complete additional formalities at the immigration check.
    ====+The most common categories recognized while applying for a visa are for business, visitors, students, and transit (travelers who are in US borders on their way to go to another country). Select the visa that would suit you the best, and according to the duration of your stay.
  1. Despite having all the documents in order and the necessary credentials, your entry into the USA can be denied at the discretion of the immigration office. Pregnancy is not one of the reasons for the denial, but USA has a clear policy about not letting women gain entrance only for the sake of giving birth in the USA and getting dual citizenship for her child/children.

There are several other rules applicable, but these are the basic ones. Let’s now look at how you can go about getting your travel documents in order.

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