2 Years Visa Pre Pregnancy

By PurpleD, June 25, 2017

What if you have a 2 years visa prior to pregnancy?

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Scenario: A lady applied for visa to USA, and was given a 2 years Visa possibly B1 or B1/B2 visa. Visa B1 is for tourist purpose while Visa B2 is for Medical purpose. Then she becomes pregnant and now decide  to take advantage of the Visa to travel to US and have her baby. Is this possible? Are there risks involve? What steps are expected of her to take to ensure the legitimacy of her action?

Some might have applied for a 2 years’ tourist B1/B2 Visa and got approved before getting pregnant. In fact, you might have traveled to the US as a tourist using the visa. However, traveling with same visa for having a child requires that you notify the Visa Issuing Embassy of your new intention.

What to do if you have 2 years visa pre pregnancy and you now intend to give birth in us

Check the Contact Us page of the US Embassy of your country to see their email address.

Write a letter to the embassy indicating your new intention to seek medical treatment or give birth in the USA.

A sample of the NOTICE OF CHANGE OF INTENTION is below.

The embassy will typically respond within 7 to 10 working days, stating the need to have sufficient funds and the need to have a confirmation document from the caregiver in the US which is to be presented at the entry point to immigration officers in other to avoid being refused entry to the US.

Make sure you print out the correspondence and response from the Embassy and have it handy at the point of entry. In rare cases, the US Embassy may request a physical interview and may include a comment on the VISA so that it covers medical treatment.

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Dear Sir/Ma,


I wish to notify you of my change of intent of my B1/B2 visa no…. The visa was granted to me for a business trip/conference/family vacation /on date…. Which I traveled and came back on date…… (Or the conference/family vacation/business trip was canceled due to exigency beyond my control).

However, I recently discovered that am pregnant and have decided to have my baby in the US. I have contacted ….. Hospital and have booked an appointment with my caregiver ………….. for date….

All the fees involved have being estimated and I am sure I have the financial ability to pay.

I will arrive the US on …..

Thank you for your understanding.


Best regards,

Your Name


  1. daisy says:

    i have a us b1/b2 visa which expires in a month’s time.i am pregnant and want to have my baby in US.Do i renew my visa as b1/b2 or as b2?

    • PurpleD says:

      Hello Daisy. You can renew as B2 or B1/B2. Contact the American Visa issuing office close to your location for further information or check them online. We wish you the very best in your journey.

  2. Olawunmi says:

    Hello, pls I need your advice on this: I am 6months pregnant and I have been traveling to the US on vacation I spend jst 1 month there when I travel now my visa is expiring in August and I did Dropbox, but I was called down to reappear at the embassy, due the this Canada asylum thingy that Nigerians are doing now I guess, now the thing is the agent I normally use couldn’t get an earlier date for me wat he got us July16 which is far and also I dnt knw if I should jst tell them I want to go give birth there and also take all the necessary documents along with me for the interview

  3. Maryjane says:

    Hello, I have B1/B2 US visa and it will expires in 1st of August 2018, I did dropbox 3 weeks ago and they called me for interview which i got appointment date on 21st September 2018. Though I had my baby early last year in US and i paid all my bills(All the receipts is with me).
    Am pregnant again and want to deliver in US too. Am really scared and I don’t no if they will give me visa.

  4. Katie says:

    Hi I have valid ESTA as I am a VWP (visa waiver program) national. Do I need to still apply for a B-2? Whenever I land I always recieved a B1/2 stamp.

    Thank you.

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