Airline Pregnancy Policy

By PurpleD, June 28, 2017

Airline Pregnancy Policy



More than the customs and immigration officials, we have the transport providers having rules about traveling while you are pregnant. The simple rule followed by immigration officers is that you don’t try to exploit US facilities to new mothers and babies, but bear in mind the rules that travel companies (airlines and shipping) have for you.





 Can you fly at six months pregnant?

Before we get into the rules, an important thing to note is that rules are flexible from carrier to carrier as to the airline policy for pregnant women.They aren’t standard across the industry, so make it a point to check with each transport provider separately about their travel requirements for pregnant women before you book your flight. Assuming rules applicable for one company are valid across the industry could cost you heavily.

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Why are airline policy important?

The restrictions they have in place are for the safety of the mother and child, as well as to try and avoid the companies from being responsible for you both, or come under fire for any mishaps that may occur to you. they want to be sure the pregnant woman is fit to fly.



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What you should cross out of your checklist:  

  1. If you already are pregnant, the number of weeks you’ve completed
  2. Until the 7th month, most companies let you decide on the prudence of traveling while pregnant, either alone or accompanied. Most companies have extra rules and precautions for women who are 7 or more months pregnant.
  3. Medical clearance is a must for advanced pregnant women
  4. There are more checks and restrictions on women carrying multiple babies in their wombs
  5. If you have been pregnant in the past, they will check as to whether your previous one(s) was a smooth one, any miscarriages, and the cause for any other anomalies.

  6. Premature labor chances, or which have happened in the past, are also considered by airline companies before permitting you to travel with them
  7. Medical clearance to travel from your doctor attending to you during your pregnancy specifically
  8. Depending on the number of hours you spend in transit, you may be asked to bring along with you, your obstetrician or midwife, should you need assistance to tend to you in emergency situations. Generally, travel of more than 5 hours is considered with more care
  9. Any pregnancy complications, such as premature labor in the past, placenta previa, bleeding, and the age of your pregnancy are important factors
  10. If your delivery date is 4 or fewer weeks from your date of travel, almost all airline companies will ask for medical clearance from a reputable doctor who specializes in obstetrics.
  11. Traveling 7 days before or after your delivery date is generally not permitted. It can, only if you have special reasons for doing so, and have the necessary medical clearance
  12. Some companies also require you to undergo a check-up 30 to 7 days before pregnancy. The tests must be conducted 2-3 days before your date of travel, at the most.
  13. Certain companies have in-house examinations conducted by officials. It wouldn’t be an in-depth check-up like one done by your gynecologist or obstetrician, but it would be to ensure the general well-being of you and the baby you carry. It would also help officials match the details you’ve provided in relation to your travel, purpose, and state of pregnancy, against the actual, live details.
  14. Some companies have a blanket policy of denying women who are more than 36 weeks from traveling if they have one baby, and 32 weeks or more pregnant in case of multiple babies.
  15. Expected delivery date and week should be listed in the medical clearance letter that you get filled by your doctor
  16. Turbulence, deep vein thrombosis, travel sickness, crowd of people, and pressurization due to confinement in a limited space (plane or ship cabin) are some of the challenges that women need to face, and are informed about upfront before they travel
  17. A final point to be borne in mind is that all your reports, certificates, and letters should preferably be made up in multiple languages, especially if you hail from a country where English is not the native language.

Kindly leave your comments below to further assist others and feel free to ask any questions, we will try as much as possible to address it.

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