Giving Birth in USA: 10 Things you must do

By PurpleD, June 20, 2017

These are 10 things you need to do when preparing to have your baby in the USA:

1. Keep all your documents intact when you want to travel to the USA to give birth

2. Crossing borders for any purpose attract some kind of security checks and have to be respected by giving complete cooperation to the officers at the border.

3. Apply for a VISA well before your last trimester could start.

4. Answer confidently during the VISA interview and make yourself eligible to obtain the VISA.


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5. Also, answer truthfully to the officers at the point of entry.

6. Carry all your medical reports from home properly

7. Approach a proper OBYN doctor and it is better to have prior appointment

8. Consider birth tourism agencies if you can afford them, this makes your task easier. For good references

9. Get your insurance papers from the agency or get it on your own with policy terms to include your baby after it is born.

10. Do a thorough research about the costs you may incur to avail various facilities during your stay in the US.

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