How many month should a pregnant woman be save to travel?

By PurpleD, June 28, 2017

How Far Ahead Should You Be While Traveling

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How many months should a pregnant woman be safe to travel?
There are no explicit reasons why women cannot travel at any time of her pregnancy. All countries and airline companies state that pregnancy is not a state of physical handicap or inability, but for the safety of the mother and the baby, they restrict the times during which a mother and baby can travel.



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Can you travel at six or seven months pregnant?

Generally, you should be not more than 7 months pregnant to ensure your travel is smooth, and you don’t face any challenges from the travel companies you will be using. Post the 7th month (28th week), there are several checks put in place, even by your doctor. Plus, the chances of you being allowed to enter the USA in latter stages of pregnancy are not very high, unless you have a medical emergency. Consult your ob-gyn to get your medical clearance, and you may be advised not to do so, not without someone traveling with you.

The ideal time to travel during pregnancy is in the second trimester (no later than the 6th month).


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There are three main reasons for this advice:

  • The first trimester is when your body is getting used to the physical and hormonal changes that are taking place within it. That’s when you feel the urge to throw up, sleep, or have mood swings a lot. Your second trimester is probably the most confident period of your pregnancy because by then, you have a routine established if you’re having a normal, uncomplicated pregnancy.


  • Your energy levels dip in the first and third trimester, what with you throwing up what you eat, having less sleep, not being able to eat all that you want, a constant change of moods from elation to depression, etc. You are at the peak of your physical well-being in your second trimester.



  • Lastly, the chances of developing complications due to traveling are extremely low during this period. Premature labor, breaking of water, and miscarriages during this period are rare, provided you plan your travel well. If the distance is too long much and you need to change carriers or airplanes, then have ample amount of time to rest before you make the switch, and don’t keep the timings of the two carriers too close to each other.


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Apart from your personal items and toiletries, make it a point to keep your emergency pills and medical records handy, should you ever require them while traveling.

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