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A foreigner needs a lot of support from sources that provide support or render services to make life easy for the visitor.
A foreigner or visitor to the USA has a lot of resources online that can assist improve his/her traveling experience. Here we will share very key support services that a pregnant woman and specifically a visitor will find useful as you plan your trip to the USA.

Ebook on Birth Tourism in the USA

A well-documented ebook on Tourist guide to giving birth in USA, available on AMAZON 

Get a copy here now at a discounted price for only $2.  Download Birth Tourism ebook at discounted value of $2

Birth support packages

Doctors para ti
Made up a team of certified and accredited doctors, they offer over discounted Childbirth Packages for International Patients. Located in the beautiful city of El Paso, Texas, they have over eighteen years experience in international obstetrics, which also includes the provision of basic counseling and information as it relates to foreigners or visitors traveling to the USA, probably for the first time, especially as a pregnant woman. Doctors para ti are committed to prevention and early detection of possible childbirth risks.
They request at least a one month schedule ahead of your arrival.

Deluxe Childbirth Services
Deluxe Childbirth Services claim to be Nigeria’s premier childbirth service company. They have over 10 years experience in giving useful advice to expectant mom and dads on how to get a fast and affordable option to give birth to their baby(s) in the USA.
They offer a complete package for childbirth right from planning your trip to successful delivery.

Naira Land
This is an exciting forum base in Nigeria, where people ask and provide personal experience about how to give birth in the USA, the cost, and procedure. You can get first-hand information from parents, women who have just delivered or questions and answer about almost everything you want to know. You can also post questions and give answers to other peoples post. It is a wonderful group to join for support.

Immi help is a large forum with comprehensive resources about legal USA immigration. They have a broad information for all classes of immigration and visit to the USA. For those interested in giving birth in the USA, the Birth Tourism link under Citizenship / Naturalization will be of immense help.

Heritage Childbirth Services
A Nigerian childbirth services focusing on assisting a pregnant woman to achieve their goals of having their baby delivered in the US. They promise to assist in handling logistics from visa application, to traveling and returning back to the Country.

Insubuy insurance
InsuBuy Insurance offers insurance packages for foreign or tourist pregnancy. They have a detail explanation about the types of insurance available for pregnant women in the USA as a visitor or noncitizen.

American Visitor Insurance
Get quotes for maternity pregnancy insurance for visitors at American Visitor Insurance. You can choose the insurance that best fits your need at affordable price.

Visitors coverage insurance
You can get great deal insurance coverage for visitors which will cover some emergency sickness or injury which may not be pregnancy related but all the same very important.

Inter nations for expatriates

If you are an expatriate or a family member of one in the USA, you might want to join the International site to be closer to similar people and get answers to questions on giving birth in the US, insurance, what is covered or not and what the law says as it relates to your child citizenship in the USA.

Drug rehab

If you have a smoker or anyone with an addictive habit in the family, especially if it is the pregnant mom, then this resource might be what you need. They offer guides and insight into how drug affect the baby and expert advice on how to handle the situation.

Askthegynecologist Facebook group

The Ask the gynecologist Facebook group page is a very educative group. Managed by two Doctors, with over 1 million members. They give support to women and discuss woman health and childbirth. You can ask questions and also read though other peoples comments and expert advice of the Doctors.

Exclusive Facebook group

Join our exclusive Facebook group to socialize and ask questions about having baby in USA.

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