What if I Refuse to PAY

May 12, 2018

What if I REFUSE TO PAY Hospital Bill Some people have the privilege of entering the USA, give birth and take advantage of the quality healthcare services offered by the hospital or birth center as the case may be, but did not settle their hospital bill. There are various circumstances that may surround the nonpayment such […]

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Why Pregnant women are turned back from entering USA

June 28, 2017

Why Pregnant women are turned back from entering the USA The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency has stepped up its vigilance on women entering US borders while they are pregnant. Because of this several airline and shipping companies to have included rules in their handbooks about permitting pregnant women who use their services. One […]

12 Steps to successfully give birth in US as a foreigner

June 25, 2017

12 major Steps or Decisions to make  for you to have a successful childbirth experience as a foreigner: Choose the State and City you want to have your baby in the USA Choose the Hospital or Birthing Center Decide whether you want to have a virginal birth or plan C-Section? Choose your Obstetrician and gynecologist […]

Documents required for Visa B1 /B2 for Tourist and Medical Visitors

June 21, 2017

Documents required for Visa B1 /B2 for Tourist and Medical Visitors Formalities and documents required for Visa are quite straightforward, and details of these are more commonly available to people. Not many know that apart from the interview conducted at the consulate, you also need to furnish several documents (and copies of some) in order to […]

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